28 classes in 28 days

It's time for a challenge... Can you take 28 classes in 28 days during the month February?
All members who complete this task will get a special one of a kind Balance bracelet! This bracelet will not be available again to anyone else. EVER!
And I am going to answer the most frequently asked questions
(yes I am a fortuneteller and can predict the future LOL)
1."What if I am waitlisted and cannot get 28 classes"?....
The answer to that is that we must see an honest attempt that you were on the waitlist multiple times and we're not put into the class. In the event that this is the case we will give you an opportunity to make up classes. Again you need to do this throughout the month and it cannot all be done in the last week or two of the challenge, an honest effort must be put forward!!! (In other words you cannot put yourself on the waitlist February 20 for 15 classes)
2."What if my auto pay is not renewed yet and I cannot sign up for classes now?"
There is a point in every members month where this happens. So the tables should be pretty even across the board. However we will give you the option to Sign up for three classes that you have not yet paid for. The waitlist will not be Overridden. If the class is full you can be placed on the waitlist if you choose. Please send a personal message to me or Sue through text or ask us in person at the studio. That way the request will not get lost in this post.

So is this easy? Nope, but a challenge never is!
And We know you can all do this if you want to!
Get it girls!!!
Contest begins February 1 sign up for your classes now